(noun) irreguarly published digizine, periodic data compilation with multi-media content. (verb) Passing open invitation, participate in "free" (by-nc-sa) cross-promotion & distrobution.

that means: any length, any genre, any media, any format, any theme, ANYone. The intention is to SHARE let our ♥s be yours PREvious issues:




FUTURE issues:
UPLOAD your files as soon as you can 
to be included in the current issue! 
If that does not work please eMail 
attachment (up to 25MB) or download
link to the following:
Submissions for issue .FOR due
by February 29th 2016 at 4:00PM EST
- facebook event page

ONE rule of engagement:
Submitted data is BY-NC-SA 
Creative Commons Content

- one file per artist, per issue
- (nonmandatory) theme of freedom
- Submissions are exclusive content