AcidTrasH - ""TRESTing.U"" (from John C. Lilly)
                              Alex Tripp - Sega Bend 101611
                               Alex Tune - Keep On Jumping
                                  Aradia - Rotten
                          Blarney Mumble - Friend Fix
                             Bon Voyeurs - Eve of the Dragon
                                  Catdog - I'm A Bad Music Fan
                             Crazy Gnome - Please Refrain From Putting Your Head Into The Clouds
                     DJ Mayonnaise Hands - Shame for Men- A New Fragrance 
                              DaMadT0k3r - Legalize Molly
                           Death Factory - Spooky Akktion At A Distance
                             DustBuddies - "D" (from Ladder To The Sky)
                                   ehafh - mind_numbing_spirit_crushing_bile
                              El Cochino - Breached (instrumental)
                    Emcee Lama Hawk Then - Can't Concentrate
            Environmental Sound Collapse - Revolution Theme (from "Traces")
                         ExperiMENTALien - Katacumoridako Acts One To
                              Fake Snake - paloverde
                            Fraktal Face - Faux Pas
                            halluciphile - Took Too Much Acid (fukno Megamix)
                   Hieronymous Steamcake - Sky Raven Noir
                                    hiyo - verdolaga
                        hiyohiyoipseniyo - verdolaga
                                Instagon - In Thee Key Ov Y
                           Kylie.jackson - elephant Man (ink)
                                  MASSAW - .__AGAiN___.
                                   Metek - Open Hearts And Open Minds
                              Mic Litter - Cumwaste
Michael J Fox's Circuitbent Pocket Pussy - Human Skin Coat
                              No Pasaran - The Traveler
           Plato & The Western Tradition - Hivemind Magic (No.3286)
                                 PLOM DS - Vacaciones En La Luna
                                 Protman - 150nostril
                                 Psy-Sci - freedom_is_an_untitled_song
                          Producer Snafu - They'll Often Misuse the Word Hate to Justify Their Stupidity
                                  Qixoni - Murder Death Kill
                             Robotic Joe - OI A+T3nTI0N
                              Sid Redlin - Papally Yours - Happy Birthday From Sid Redlin
                               Ryan Rose - Woah Mann
                                 Skymall - Post Traumatic Growth
                                stAllio! - Indianapolis Theme (live at cosmic microwave radio)
                              T.R.I.v.M. - FREE In DOOM
                                the WRAP - There's Always Gonna Be Someone Better Than You 
                                           (from Replaced By A Machine... Or Whatever)
                                  Theorn - USB Song IV
                               tooth_eye - Hold My Dick Deep Inside
                 Upcoming Of Devastation - return To The First Day (official Lyric Video)
                                 Watabou - AintScared\\\dieYoung
                              Windemearl - 2235
                                    Xyno - Stay On Tropix (from GameJAHboy)